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Questions and Answers about Mediums


Questions and Answers about Mediums

From the N.S.A.C. Spiritualist Manual

What is a Medium?
A Medium is one whose organism is sensitive to vibrations from the spirit world, and through whose instrumentality, intelligences in that world are able to convey messages and produce the phenomena of Spiritualism.

What is This Influence?
It is the transference of impressions of ideas by a disembodied spirit direct to the brain of the Medium. The most noted scientists of today recognize that thought transference is possible and call it “Telepathy.”

How Do You Know This Influence Is Exercised by Spirits?

Because under it Mediums accomplish things which would be impossible to them under ordinary conditions and plainly show in many other ways that they are being used as a medium of communication by some other individual.

Then Are These Mediums “Fortune-Tellers?”

NO! Our mediums, many of whom are ordained clergy of our church, thus perform a sacred duty. Communications coming through them, frequently refer to material and everyday matters because you ask for such, and because, to a certain extent, such are necessary to arouse interest and induce further investigation.

But Do They Not Foretell the Future?
It is sometimes done to a certain extent through their means. An inhabitant of the Spirit World can, to a degree, predict future events with greater or less accuracy, according to conditions. This is done by reasoning based on observation of past and present conditions and events, and is more accurate than is the same process as used by us, because the Spirit reasoner is not hampered by a physical body, nor by the conventional and set ideas that go with the limitations of such a body.

Then of What Use Is Spiritualism, If Not to Predict the Future?
This is a mistaken idea held by many people. The prediction of the future is of very little importance. Spiritualism’s greatest value lies in the fact that, when its truth is generally accepted, it will completely revolutionize many accepted by antiquated ideas and customs.

In What Way Could That Be Possible?
Because Spiritualism proves not only that we continue to exist consciously after the death of the physical body, but that we are then still responsible for our actions while here. We cannot escape the consequences of our acts, good or bad. Therefore, if a majority of earth’s inhabitants become firmly convinced of this fact, plainly the glaring defects and abuses of our present life will gradually disappear, as each individual will exercise greater care not to injure others, because of the consequences and resultant injuries to himself.

Is Spirit Communication Necessary to Bring This About?

Yes! Because that is the only definite and positive way by which the fact of unavoidable personal responsibility after “death” can be unalterably proven to humankind. All present-day religions teach this to a certain degree, but all absolutely fail to convince their followers beyond doubt, because they must rely on faith alone and cannot give definite proof.

What Other Benefit Is Spirit Communication?
It completely removes the fear of death, by proving that there is no death of the actual person. It convinces us that it is merely stepping from a lower state of existence into a higher, exactly as the caterpillar apparently “dies” to become the butterfly. It does away with absolute separation of those closely united, thereby relieving us of the worst of material sorrows. It also inspires us to purer and more progressive ways of life, by proving beyond doubt the advantages of right action and the disadvantages of wrong action.

Why Do Your Mediums Not Confine Themselves to This Teaching, Instead of Giving the Messages We Generally Hear?
Because, like a baby, the average person must creep before walking – that is, they must first become interested in investigating, then become thoroughly convinced that the manifestations are caused by friends in Spirit Life and then they may begin to study the philosophy. These questions and answers are designed to be the groundwork in such investigations and study, exactly as one must learn to read before studying the higher sciences.

Are Spirit communications Always Correct?
Not always but usually so. The spirit merely uses its best judgment in offering advice, and although it can see many causes which produce certain results, more clearly than the average mortal can do, they are still fallible, and so claim to be, and are liable at times to be mistaken. It is also true that there are times, when owing to certain physical conditions or weaknesses, the Medium cannot be reached by the particular spirit who would be best able to give the advice desired. A Medium acting wisely under such conditions would refrain from exercising their mediumship until more perfect mental and physical conditions are obtained. We claim not that our sensitivities are infallible but that they are honestly doing their best to help you, and that they DO bring messages from the spirit world.

How Can I Know That Any Particular Medium Is Trustworthy?
Most mediums are honest in their intentions, but none can ever claim to be infallible. Such a claim on their part would of itself be a positive proof of their lack of knowledge and honesty, and would prove them unworthy of confidence. The mistrust, by the public, of mediums and mediumship, is the result largely of ignorance, or superstition on the part of some who have not learned to understand that messages from the Spirit World are natural and do not claim to be supernatural or infallible.

Is Not Mediumship a Supernatural Gift?
No. Mediumship is a natural gift, and is subject to the operation of natural laws, as are all the manifestations of nature whether in the material or the spiritual world, which must be understood and complied with.

Is There Any Way of Knowing Who Are the Recognized Mediums in the Spiritualist Ranks?
Yes. The National Spiritualist Association of Churches issues certificates each year to mediums whom it believes to be qualified and worthy.

Can Any One Get These Certificates?
We grant such certificates only after applicants have undergone certain educational training and examination and has proven themselves competent to receive and transmit communications from the Spirit World. Our Mediums correspond to the clergy of denominational churches. We have Ordained Ministers, Licentiate Ministers, Certified Mediums, and Commissioned Spiritualist Healers.



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