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Unfoldment Class

This semester's Unfoldment Class will combine beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. It is online with two classes each month on Wednesday from 6:30 to 8 pm. First class is Sept 9 and it ends in December for a total of eight classes.

Date                     Instructor                Subject

September     9      Marrice       What is Spiritualism?  Introduction and Alignment
Spiritualism is an evolving Religion based on Religion, Science, and Philosophy. We believe in Infinite Intelligence (God). Spiritualism demonstrates the continuity of life (there is no dead, no dying).

September   23      Elizabeth     Mediumship of the past, present, and future

October         7       Kevin          Healing 

October       21      Marrice        Mediumship, Collective Intent

November     4       Elizabeth     Discovering your intuitive self

November   18      Marrice        Recognize your personal symbols

December      2      Elizabeth     Reaching Out for More: Transfiguration,

                                                    Dowsing, Pendulum, etc.

December   16       Marrice       Summary of what we learned-Questions?

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Step 3: You will get an email with the Zoom login information prior to the class.

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