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What is Your Gift?

What is Your Gift?

Church of the Spirit would like to learn more about you.
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What is Your Gift?

The Church of the Spirit is back to holding its weekly Spiritualist service at the church on Sunday morning starting at 10:30 am (Central time). The service will be available via Zoom for those unable to attend in person. Join our mailing list to receive the Zoom login info, follow the instructions above.

There will be no First Wednesday All Message Service until further notice.

On Tuesday mornings we hold a Prayer Circle featuring Healing Prayers with Rev. Marrice. Here's the Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 827 2759 7874
Passcode: 941427

"Ask Marrice & Friends" is an informal discussion group centered around a topic of concern for many of our congregation. Participants join in using Zoom. Right now it is being held on the second and fourth Thursday of the month from 7 to 8 pm Central time. Zoom login instructions are provided in the emailed newsletter.

How are we doing?

Did you have a very accurate reading from one of our mediums?

Did you have a successful healing from one of our healers?

Show your appreciation by filling out an affidavit which they can submit to get certified by the NSAC.

Mediumship Affidavit

Healing Avvidavit

Recent Meditations

January 2023 "A Fresh Start" Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

"Claim Your Space" Meditation

Clairsentience Meditation: Sense a Feeling

Clairaudience Meditation: Hear Clearly

Clairvoyance Meditation: Seeing Through Time & Space

Claircognizance Meditation: Ways to Just Know

Clairolfactance/Clairsalience: Sensing Scent

Clairjoyant Meditation: Allowing Joy

The Church of the Spirit has
Private Readings available with our Mediums

Several of our mediums are available to give private readings, over the phone or in some cases using Zoom.  If you are interested, please contact the medium directly via the email shown below. Readings are 15 minutes for $30 or 30 minutes for $60. Payment arrangements are made directly with the medium. Gift cards for readings are available by contacting the medium.

Cher Dyle
Elizabeth Cichocki
Audrey Williams
Janyce Hamilton

See descriptions of the mediums here

Now, Make Your Offering Online!

Are you able to do "online banking" using a web site or a phone app to see your balances, make transfers and pay bills?

Then your bank probably already offers Zelle as a way to pay money to people and businesses. Look for the section on the site that says something like Transfers, Send Money, or Pay Someone.

Zelle is a popular system used by a large number of banks and now you can use it to send a donation to the Church of the Spirit. When you get to the Zelle screen the first thing you have to do is set up the recipient. You only have to do this once.You'll be asked for a phone number or email.

For the Church, enter this email address:
If you're asked if it's a person or a business, check business.

Now you're all set. Specify a donation amount and it will confirm that the money is going to THE CHURCH OF THE SPIRIT. It transfers from bank to bank pretty quickly.

Gift cards for readings are available by contacting If you can't find anything about Zelle on your bank site, go to and follow the instructions.

Many blessings and thank you so much for your financial support!


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